Laser Open & National Championships 2020



We are hoping everyone will get involved with the Mentor/Mentee Scheme at the Nationals.  It's a great way to meet fellow sailors and get some sailing tips and encouragement.


At the Commodore's Welcome on Saturday evening, we will introduce the pariings for the mentor/mentee Scheme. We would like to encourage you to find your Mentor/Mentee at the event, so you can introduce yourselves and start talking about how to to help.  The  Mentor/Mentee List will also be displayed on the notice board.


There will even be prizes awarded for most improved Mentee/Mentor pairing, based on the Mentee position from Day 1 to Day 6. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the highest placed Mentee/by nomination.


Mentor/Mentee Scheme

Tel. +44 (0)79798 05454   Email:

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We try to match up competitors, but sometimes we don't get it right.  Please feel free to swap roles with your partner.  If you feel you are both at the same level, just have a chat about the racing together.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please speak to one of the UKLA Team.

If you feel your pairing is not right...

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Your mentee may have specific questions about sailing a Laser, or racing/ starting etc.  Just be as helpful as you can and try and improve their sailing.


1.Search out your Mentee, hopefully at the Commodore's Welcome.

2.Give advice on any aspects of Laser sailing

3.Eg sail set up for the conditions

4.Ideas about getting a good start

5.Help with wind/tide strategy

6.Give advice on sailing up wind /down wind in waves.

7.How to cope with big fleets.

If you're a Mentor

Your Mentor will try to answer any questions you may have about sailing/racing a Laser.


1.Search out your mentor, hopefully at the Commodore's Welcome.

2.Feel free to ask advice on any aspects of Laser sailing

3.Eg. Ask  advice on sail set up

4.How to get a good start

5.Which way to go upwind- wind/tidal considerations

6.How to sail upwind/downwind in waves

7.How to cope with racing in a big fleet

If you're a Mentee...

"Where there's water..."

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