Laser Open & National Championships 2019


LaserPerformance Photograph of racing by Lee Whitehead

If you are going by road to Largs, why not hook up with other compeitiors?  It will help divide the costs and make for a more fun and sociable journey.  


Click HERE to find our FB discussion, where you can connect with fellow sailors who are going to Largs too.  You could advertise that you have space in your car and on your trailer or ask who has space for you.


If you're travelling from afar and know it'll take a long time, it's great if you can view the journey itself as part of the trip away.  You'll be passing through some spectacular parts of the UK. so why not break your journey somewhere inspiring, such as the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales?  


If you have any tips about good places to stop, let us know on our Facebook discussion page.

How to Get There

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"Where there's water..."


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